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                        The following products are owned and manufactured by Custom Pack, Inc.

Glass 25.4 oz. Jar                                                                                                     

Mama Cocco's Spaghetti Sauces come in three flavors:  Marinara, Mushroom and Basil & Garlic.  It is our own in-house brand, marketed by Choice Marketing in Anaheim, California and for retail sale at natural food stores and retailers such as Henry's, Rainbow Grocery and Staff of Life.

Plastic 25lb. Bucket, 32 oz and 64 oz. HDPE Plastic Container                      The Aguas Frescas/Feria Enterprises, Inc. line of drink concentrates is distributed in both Northern & Southern California and Arizona.  You can find the drinks in restaurants, taquerías and food counters in stores.  Flavors include the following:  Horchata, Tamarindo, Jamaica, Piña, Limón, Fresa, Sandía and Pink Lemonade.  The plastic gallon container is an excellent packaging resource for concentrated products, marinades and sauces sold for direct use in restaurants or other wholesale purposes.